User Guide

This is the Game Info box!

  1. Red Border - This indicates the game has been updated since you've last marked it
  2. Top right - Link to the game's F95zone thread
  3. Bottom left - The game's engine and develeopment status
    (Completed, On Going, Hold, Abandoned)
  4. Bottom right - User status indicator, which opens up your status action menu
    My Version - This is your current version of the game
    Up to Date - You've played up to the most recent release
    Playing - You are currently playing the game
    Interested - You're interested in the game, but haven't yet played it
    Dropped - You've dropped the game for one reason or another
    Not Interested - Not interesed in the game
    Clear Status - Removes the game from your list
    Status and version update - In order to up date your My Version value, simply select a status from the status action menu; you can select the same status as it is currently - it'll simply update your version, without altering your status value.
    A note about statuses; from an update functionality standpoint they all work the same - they are there to help you better keep track of your status, as well as help with filtering as well.

Adding a game to your list

You can search for a game using one of three peices of information
  1. Game titleA House In The Rift
  2. F95 Thread Url
  3. F95 Thread Id — 29627

A list of results will appear (if any are found), and you can use the Add to List icons to add the game to your list. The icons correspond to the 5 different statuses.

Once you close the add popup, the page will refresh so that your new games are on your list.