Welcome to AdultGameWatcher

What is Adult Game Watcher (AGW)?
It is a compedium website for use in conjunction with F95zone for keeping track of updates to any games or visual novels you are interested in. AGW utilizes the latest updates feed in order to keep track of a games current version, and comparing it to the last time you've marked a games status here to show you at a quick glance which games have updates.

How do I use AGW?
Set up is easy - AGW using your Google account for authentication; the first time you log in, an account will automatically be created for you. No sign-up process, or anything like that. Simply sign-in and start tracking games.

For a guide to help understand the UI and features, click here.

Can't find a game?
Sometimes this happens - just reach out to me over at F95zone and I'll do my best to get the game added to AGW's database.