MMA Life Simulator
BNS7 · v0.1.6 · 2024-07-15
Overview: MMA / Turn based / open world / RPG we tried to make a fresh game with new mechanics
Tags: rpg,milf,corruption,3dcg,big tits,adventure,male protagonist,masturbation,bukkake,oral sex,harem,creampie,teasing,prostitution,exhibitionism,rape,management,turn based combat,groping,combat,side-scroller,animated,big ass,vaginal sex,2d game,mobile game,anal sex,sandbox
SinE3R - Survival in the Eastern European Encasement Region
jktulord · v0.7 · 2024-07-15
Overview: A mysterious event happened somewhere in the eastern europe. The event contaminated the area, influencing the people inside it. Some of the women were transformed into succubi, which in their turn ended up withering most of the male population. The withered turned ghouls of different kinds. The impacted area was encased and encapsulated to protect the world from it. You traveled there with a group of researcher. Your group was ambushed and killed, except you. Will you continue to research the unknown or will you try to tame it?
Tags: rpg,milf,big tits,sci-fi,male protagonist,male domination,fantasy,monster,harem,romance,rape,simulator,management,turn based combat,group sex,text based,groping,combat,strategy,2dcg,vaginal sex,2d game,dystopian setting,female domination,sandbox,
A Home in the Desert
Misarmor · v0.4 · 2024-07-14
Overview: The story takes place into a family, successful in the entertainment industry, that has to face some unfortunate events, which will lead them to lose their wealth and renown, leaving them with nothing but their blood ties and the will to get back on their feet.
Tags: incest,corruption,3dcg,big tits,masturbation,lesbian,futa/trans,teasing,exhibitionism,management,groping,animated,big ass,vaginal sex,mobile game,futa/trans protagonist,sandbox
Alice in LewdLand
Bar Viola Cat · v1.77 · 2024-07-14
Overview: One day, a young boy by the name of Rui Kururu touches a shining book in the library and finds himself in a world that is similar to Alice in Wonderland... However, something is not quite right... You see, Rui has been transformed into a girl!?
Tags: slave,rpg,corruption,big tits,adventure,fantasy,lesbian,monster,futa/trans,tentacles,pregnancy,oral sex,handjob,creampie,lactation,multiple endings,teasing,prostitution,female protagonist,monster girl,titfuck,rape,parody,groping,sexual harassment,japanese game,big ass,humiliation,ahegao,2dcg,vaginal sex,2d game,censored,sandbox
Between Beasts
Dos Arracachas · vDemo · 2024-07-14
Overview: Between beasts is a furry visual novel focused in +18 content, here, after a "tragic" accident in your town, you will be transported to a very weird world where you can meet, date and fuck a very wide variety of characters. Keep looking into this new world. Why are you here? How did you get here? All this answers, and mainly, beautifull and sexy characters, are waiting for you!!!
Tags: big tits,male protagonist,oral sex,creampie,romance,dating sim,teasing,furry,monster girl,groping,big ass,2dcg,vaginal sex,sandbox
Gasmaskguy · v0.3 · 2024-07-14
Overview: You play as a goblin, captured and used as a housemaid for a Sorceress named Jennifer. Choose the right choices to corrupt her and make her yours to breed her.
Tags: corruption,3dcg,mind control,big tits,male protagonist,male domination,fantasy,pregnancy,ntr,creampie,parody,big ass,interracial,ahegao,vaginal sex,drugs
Bright Lord
KissKiss Studio · v1.0 Rework · 2024-07-14
Overview: Bright Lord is an adult, erotic horror game in which you become Bright Lords servant. Will you let him take over your mind completely or fight his will in his conquest for power and revenge
Tags: incest,milf,corruption,3dcg,mind control,big tits,male protagonist,male domination,masturbation,fantasy,harem,handjob,blackmail,teasing,exhibitionism,titfuck,stripping,groping,horror,spanking,animated,big ass,virgin,vaginal sex
Bunny Girl's Strange Alien Adventure
Kosya · v1.01 · 2024-07-14
Overview: Space live stream caster Ellie, at the viewers' request, embarked on a live stream on an unknown planet, but an unexpected turn of events occurred. Players control Ellie, battling various monsters, avoiding traps, correctly triggering mechanisms, and collecting train tickets to escape from the planet.
Tags: bestiality,big tits,sci-fi,male domination,fantasy,monster,tentacles,pregnancy,oral sex,creampie,lactation,teasing,female protagonist,titfuck,rape,groping,combat,japanese game,side-scroller,animated,big ass,humiliation,ahegao,voiced,2dcg,platformer,vaginal sex,2d game,sex toys,anal sex,censored
College Kings
Undergrad Steve · vAct 2 v5.2.7 · 2024-07-14
Overview: Just an innocent freshman at San Vallejo College, you are oblivious to the path that lays ahead of you. Growing up gets real when you learn about the unique cultures of the place you must call home. As loyalties form and tensions rise can you lead your fraternity to the crown and with it become the king on campus? Trailer: Review notice: Any reviews mentioning Being A DIK will be removed!
Tags: 3dcg,male protagonist,male domination,oral sex,romance,dating sim,teasing,humor,stripping,school setting,combat,footjob,graphic violence,spanking,animated,cheating,point & click,vaginal sex,mobile game
Corrupting My Girlfriend in Another World
R1leyD4rk · v1.0.2 · 2024-07-14
Overview: You and your girlfriend fall into a parallel world while investigating a gossip that circulates around the city of Sirua. Discover or join the plot of the kingdom of Dulobia and the power that rules in Vesteria. Your adventure in that world begins to awaken something you have never experienced before - choosing between building up your relationship or satisfying the perverse desire to corrupt your girlfriend Sakiko and watch her with other men. Will they make it to the end of the adventure without falling into darkness? Or will they surrender to their deepest desires? You will choose their fate.
Tags: 3dcg,male protagonist,fantasy,ntr,rape,groping,virgin,sleep sex,vaginal sex,drugs,mobile game
Crush Stories
CubizArt · v0.94 · 2024-07-14
Overview: Crush Stories is a chat type Visual Novel with interesting characters, important decisions, calendar events, mini games and more!
Tags: male protagonist,creampie,romance,dating sim,2dcg,vaginal sex,mobile game,
Dream Sessions
Femdoworld · v0.1.11.0 · 2024-07-14
Overview: As a male slave, you are playing a dice game with your mistress. Let's see how long you can last...
Tags: slave,3dcg,male protagonist,bdsm,spanking,humiliation,female domination
Dungeon Desire
Devenril · v0.2 · 2024-07-14
Overview: You play as a young and inexperienced half-elf, a graduate of a prestigious academy who dreams of becoming a legendary adventurer! How exactly will you achieve this fame? The choice is yours! You will meet many characters and experience many events. Will you succumb to the influence of others or will you decide your own destiny? But remember - ALL choices are important.
Tags: corruption,adventure,male protagonist,masturbation,fantasy,oral sex,ntr,romance,gay,furry,stripping,animated,humiliation,transformation,real porn,sissification,female domination,
Earth's Last Guardian
EcchiYoYo Productions · v0.1.4a · 2024-07-14
Overview: You play as an average guy, living with your sister after a worldwide pandemic wipes out 96 % of the world’s population. After your uncle dies a mysterious letter appears in your room, as soon as you finish reading the letter a strange door materializes in your room, drawn to the door you cannot help but to open it and step through. And so, starts your adventure, you will meet many new friends and a great many new enemies. How you play the game is mostly left up to you, you can play it out on earth ignoring the strange dimension through the doorway or spend your time in their and finding out the legacy of your family and the guardian that came before you.
Tags: incest,3dcg,male protagonist,pregnancy,oral sex,handjob,creampie,dating sim,groping,combat,virgin,vaginal sex,anal sex,sandbox
Femdom Secrets of Kates Heart
FemDom Fables Studios · v0.1a · 2024-07-14
Overview: The story follows a beta male protagonist as he grapples with the complexities of his relationship with his "out of his league" wife. Their bond is tested as she contiunes to explore unexpected and unconventional interests, throwing their once-stable life into disarray. Life's specialty? Throwing curve-balls when you least expect it!
Tags: slave,3dcg,big tits,male protagonist,big ass,humiliation,female domination
Find Your Future
Star Voyager · v1.0 · 2024-07-14
Overview: You wake up from cryogenic stasis in the year 2124. What follows is a glorified bad-end picker with CYOA 'gameplay' in a similar vein to games like devious world.
Tags: slave,corruption,bestiality,mind control,big tits,sci-fi,male protagonist,male domination,futa/trans,bukkake,bdsm,multiple endings,gay,humor,trap,prostitution,furry,exhibitionism,female protagonist,rape,text based,cosplay,big ass,humiliation,transformation,2dcg,multiple penetration,sex toys,multiple protagonist,female domination
Cottage Games · vBuild 115 · 2024-07-14
Overview: FOXXX is a sci-fi universe set a millennia after the firing of the universe's first planet-buster. You play as a recently-banished space cadet who, against all odds, is tasked with uncovering the secrets of an old war while trying to save themselves from a long-lost foe.
Tags: mind control,sci-fi,male protagonist,male domination,masturbation,tentacles,bukkake,oral sex,handjob,bdsm,creampie,multiple endings,romance,gay,furry,rape,group sex,text based,vore,spanking,humiliation,transformation,anal sex,sandbox
PozzGames · v0.0.6 · 2024-07-14
Overview: The story unfolds as a young man takes on a part-time job as a Pizzaboy, prompting his move to a new city. However, things take an unexpected turn when he finds himself entangled with a resort run by women, eccentric scientist, and even... code bugs?
Tags: milf,corruption,3dcg,big tits,adventure,male protagonist,masturbation,fantasy,oral sex,harem,handjob,romance,teasing,humor,paranormal,rape,groping,footjob,animated,big ass,ahegao,pov,mobile game,sandbox
God among Kings
SolidDoc · v0.192 · 2024-07-14
Overview: Story driven harem TRPG with light empire management elements about a man, who recently became a lord and gets plunged into intrigue and wars of the higher society. Recruit new members to your council, acquire new units and characters
Tags: rpg,milf,3dcg,big tits,adventure,male protagonist,masturbation,lesbian,oral sex,harem,handjob,creampie,twins,romance,teasing,humor,titfuck,turn based combat,group sex,groping,footjob,strategy,graphic violence,big ass,virgin,multiple penetration,vaginal sex,sex toys,mobile game,anal sex
Haileys' Treasure Adventure
LAGS · v0.7.3 · 2024-07-14
Overview: One day a man visits Hailey's farm. He told her about her father's debt and asks her to marry her. She refuses to marry him and tells she will returned the money. After her response the man told her that her father was a mine explorer and shares a map where he has hidden all his treasures. As those mines are cursed only people carrying his blood can enter those mines. He asked her to collect the treasure for him and gave them one month to do it.
Tags: bestiality,big tits,monster,tentacles,oral sex,creampie,female protagonist,titfuck,rape,group sex,groping,side-scroller,animated,2dcg,platformer,multiple penetration,vaginal sex,2d game,mobile game,anal sex